About SoftValley

SoftValley Solutions was founded in 2006 with the objective of introducing information technology products to Bangladesh in order to improve business productivity, decrease costs and improve profitability.

SoftValley is a privately owned company headquartered in Dhaka with an Offshore Management Center in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Several software and services businesses were started by the management team in 2004 and beyond, eventually leading to a consolidated company that was incorporated in early 2006. The executive leadership team has extensive and diverse business experience in software, business development, and operations, delivering solutions in a wide variety of industries, both small and large including eCommerce and e-business, computer software and technology, banking, financial services, biotechnology pharmaceuticals, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, aerospace, education, and manufacturing. This real-world experience is supported by university-based academic research and study, along with key industry trends and forecasts by Gartner and Forrester Research. Theory, practice, and market trends come together in a best-of-breed approach at SoftValley.

Company Philosophy

People Process TechnologyCustomers are not interested in technology, they are interested in solutions. We strive to make technology irrelevant to our customers so they can focus exclusively on their business needs. You simply tell us the "what" and we take care of the "how". Our unique products and services remove technology, resource burdens and other hurdles, enabling you to move at the pace of your business. You think it and we do it.

SoftValley apply the right mix of:

  • Vision to identify the right opportunities to best serve its customers
  • Leadership to organize and manage the right resources to deliver on time and within budget
  • People, the best and the brightest
  • Process, including project and program management best practices, software reuse,  and a software development lifecycle precisely tuned to the problem at hand
  • Technology, the right skills and tools

This comprehensive structure and attention to the many components required for success is a key factor that differentiates SoftValley.

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2/1 A, Golden Street, Ring Road, Adabor, Dhaka - 1207
Phone: +8801793-594351