About Softvalley HR, Payroll, Employment Outsourcing Services

Softvalley Solutions offers one-stop human resource (HR), payroll and business support services across the world USA, Philippines, India, UK, Bangladesh etc.  Our mission is to make it easier for companies to quickly and cost-effectively hit the ground running in new markets while staying compliant with local labor laws and employment regulations. We are proud to enable several international businesses to expand their reach, and in turn, grow at home.

For more than 5 years, we've served Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses to startups and government institutions. We help them to test new markets, strategically expand their footprint, and remain competitive in a global landscape. We've carved out a niche trusted partners provide HR, Payroll support in markets worldwide.


Softvalley Payroll Outsourcing

Reduce your operating costs through payroll outsourcing services

As the world leader in contingent and permanent staffing solutions, Softvalley payroll outsourcing solutions and talent resourcing options increase business flexibility, agility, cost-effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Create a hassle-free business environment where you can concentrate on your core business by shifting routine non-core payroll administration activities to Softvalley HR solutions.  We help you reduce operating costs of Payroll calculations, report distribution, pay-slip creation, banking of employee net salary, filing tax returns, mandatory provident funds processing and other legal arrangements in accordance with local regulatory requirements.

In addition, rather than managing human capital assets and personnel liabilities, you only need to manage the entire project as an expense and, by extension, better manage your profits.

Softvalley solution personalized payroll outsourcing services provide businesses with a dependable alternative to on-site payroll processing. Business owners can now eliminate financial and administrative burdens associated with in-house payroll processes. Any mistakes with taxes or non-compliance for payroll, you could end up dealing with legal issues.

Softvalley solution manages end to end payroll administration which includes salary and benefits tabulation, ensuring statutory compliance, e-payslips and leave management. We also provide additional support in areas such as work pass applications, employee relations and recruitment.

Softvalley solution specializes in custom payroll management services for small to large-sized businesses. We help businesses to optimize efficiencies by creating a hand-in-glove payroll management service that saves time, attention, and money.

We speak English as well as the languages of the countries we serve. We provide a single-point-of-contact, consolidated reporting, invoicing, and funds request for clients who have employees in 1 or multiple countries.

We help our clients grow their business by providing quality solutions and professional advice at local prices. We understand the issues and challenges of delivering HR and payroll solutions.

Our team is accustomed to quick-starts with a few days’ notices. Here’s a detailed list of HR and Benefits Outsourcing Services that we can manage for your satellite operations overseas:

Payroll, Human Resource and Benefits Outsourcing:

  • Payroll calculations

  • Report distribution

  • Pay-slip creation

  • Banking of employee net salary

  • Withholding tax

  • Social Security

  • Provident Fund

  • Workman’s Compensation

  • Payments to government agencies

  • Electronic interfaces

  • Insurance (medical, dental, travel, life)


Your Benefits

• Cost saving

• Low processing fees

• No set up/implementation fees

• Flexible and customized plans to fit individual needs

• Full statutory compliance with local legislation

• Increased accuracy and timely payroll processing

• A reliable and knowledgeable partner.

A sample flow is:

Softvalley Solutions provides a custom payroll calendar based on your company's payroll cycle. 

A sample flow is:

  • Give payroll changes to Softvalley Solutions by the 20th of each month

  • Softvalley Solutions processes payroll by the last Thursday of each month

  • Softvalley Solutions delivers payroll reports by the last Friday of each month

  • Softvalley Solutions (or you) pay your staff based on the information on the payroll reports

  • Softvalley Solutions collects the money from you to pay for your employee Tax and Social Security

  • Softvalley Solutions makes the payment to the Tax and Social Security office and delivers the receipt to you


Call us today at our Client Inquiry email us at [email protected] to learn how we make your payroll administration work in a robust, flexible and scalable manner.


Our strength lies in our ability to provide an integrated, holistic approach for strategic human capital management. Through our ecosystem of services, we deliver a suite of human resource solutions that helps to create, scale, and serve markets in ways that are beyond the capacity of any single organization – or even a traditional HR industry.

Enabled by enhanced connectivity across specialized capabilities and resources, our ecosystem develop new, co-created solutions that address fundamental HR needs while forging superior ways to create new value and discovering new business models.

HR Outsourcing Services

Softvalley Solutions as a HR service provider can offer company solutions to their HR operational activities and leverage on IT to enhance their HR systems and processes. We are committed to help organizations fully utilize their human capital. We believe that employees are a vital component of businesses. Their performance, commitment and loyalty to the job are critical in the growth of your success.

Our competency lies in having consulted many clients across multiple industry verticals in the areas of :

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Payroll and Administration

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Training & Development

  • Succession & Career Planning

  • Performance & Evaluation

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Employee Exit

  • Staff Retention

  • Talent Management

  • Organisation Structure & Process


Contact our Client Inquiry by email at [email protected] if you wish to know more about SVS HR Consultancy that can help your business to improve and optimise HR operational efficiency.

Softvalley HR Consulting Services

Taking control of your component HR activities is humanly possible

Softvalley solutions clients understand that the financial investment they make in human capital must generate a return in competitive advantage.

As a strategic workforce solutions company, clients regularly outsource component aspects of their human resources processes to Softvalley solutions (HR Consulting), thereby freeing client time for other business matters critical to their daily operations.

By doing so, we assist in maximizing return on human capital investment through the provision of the following customized services and "best practice" approaches to:

• Job Analysis

• Design of a Policies and Procedure Framework

• Compensation and Benefits Survey, Analysis and Design

• Recruitment and Selection Training

Job Analysis

Find the right candidate with an effective job description.

The analysis of employee jobs, and the evaluation and development of accurate job descriptions are integral to the support and success of any company’s human capital management.  Such analysis, evaluation and developments aids in:

• Recruiting the right candidates;

• Establishing competitive compensation and benefits packages;

• Strengthening individual employee productivity and engagement;

• Identifying training needs;

• Complying with labor laws, etc

Successfully completing job analysis evaluation or developing job descriptions effectively is critical to human capital development and, more often than not, requires specific expertise and knowledge.

By staying ahead of changes in legislation and current on industry ‘best practice,’ we ensure our clients job values and documentation stands up to both competitive attack and legal scrutiny, whilst firmly supporting their mid- to long-term operations in regards to attraction and retention, fair pay, qualification requirements, performance planning, transfer, promotion, succession planning objectives and, importantly, internal equity.

Design of a Policies and Procedure Framework

Power your business forward faster with an effective policies and procedures framework.

The design and implementation of effective workplace policies and procedures framework has never been more important than in today’s challenging, ever-fluid mix of contract and permanent employee world of work.  And, whilst the needs for corporate staffing policies and procedures may differ amongst employers, one core theme is agreed by all – the need to protect the firm and its staff.

A strong policies and procedures framework is a management tool that allows employees to better know the company and its expectations.  It ensures equity and thoroughness in the application of operating rules and procedures and working conditions.  With this tool, the company demonstrates that it cares about its workers and is doing everything in its power to develop a strong and sensible internal structure.  The objective of the policies and procedures framework is to:

• Define corporate expectations;

• Provide all employees with information about the company;

• Specify the company’s operating rules; and

• Foster employee commitment

As such, it is important to take the time necessary for its development.

If you believe a review of your current policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Hong Kong’s current regulations is required, or you wish development of an entire policies and procedures framework from start to finish

Compensation and Benefits Survey, Analysis and Design

Help you better understand how remuneration trends and shifts impact your human capital ROI.

Unsure whether your employees are paid under- or over-market?

Worried you are losing critical staff to higher paying jobs – not just to other employers – but to your competitors? 

Concerned internet-available data is dated, fuzzy and, often, unreliable?

External salary surveys are used by employers to determine the compensation levels needed to attract and retain quality employees and to design a strategy for compensating their workforce.  There are a variety of purposes an external salary survey may fulfill, including:


  • Ensuring external equity (i.e., to determine if current salary rates are sufficient to attract new employees as well as retain current employees);

  • Validating job evaluation systems (i.e., to determine if they are providing equal pay for jobs of equal worth and if they have adequate pay differentials for work of unequal worth); and

  • Regulatory compliance (i.e., justification for pay practices by using market data when challenged by lawsuits with respect to discrimination).


Regardless of your rationale, we can assist in answering your compensation and benefits questions, either through confirming your doubts via external comprehensive survey and review, or developing a revised, competitive compensation and benefit structure - unique to your company - geared to improved competitiveness through current market- and industry-aligned reward and benefit structures based on attraction, retention and motivation philosophies.

Whether you require a complete analysis and overhaul of your existing reward and benefit structure system or are establishing a compensation program for several new positions…

Recruitment and Selection Training

Ensure success of your interview cycle.

Interviewing employee candidates is paramount to any hiring process; regardless of the level of position.

Given the competitive employment landscape and the financial implications of a wrong hiring decision, you cannot afford to conduct interviews without significant preparation, and reliable, responsible, and strategically aligned approaches.

Our Recruitment and Selection Training Program is an interactive program geared to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to successful candidate interviews.  The program is highly participative and will enable your HR staff or line-managers to gain practical experience of applying best practice interviewing techniques.

Over the course of this program, the advice and guidance participants receive will allow your staff to:


  • Understand the elements of Employment Law that are relevant to any recruitment process;

  • Prepare appropriately for the interview;

  • Construct selection criteria and ask effective questions so that candidate competence to do the job can be fully explored;

  • Demonstrate the essential skills and techniques required for effective selection interviewing; and

  • Make sound and objective recruitment decisions.


The power and value of your internal interviewers should never be underestimated; as the resulting cost of ‘failure to get it right’ could cost your firm more than a position is worth.

Size Matters…Not

Softvalley solutions Bangladesh’s component HR service provides business consultation and solutions to help you make better strategic decisions for any size or industry within which you operate.  SME, multinational, NGO, government, banking, finance or insurance, retail, technology and telecommunications; MICE; trading and manufacturing or FMCG, our consultation and HR solutions are not limited to any particular size or industry type.

Contact our Client Inquiry by email at [email protected] to learn more about how we can assist you to enhance your component HR requirements and power your business forward faster than you ever imagined.


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